BEAUTY STOP by Pageant Boss is a Jamaican Makeup Line for Women of Colour founded by Nicole Stoddart aka (Pageant Boss) in June 2019. Nicole N. Stoddart is an accomplished beauty queen who has won five beauty pageant titles “Miss Supranational Jamaica 2017, Miss Universe Jamaica Northeast 2015, Miss Humanity 2013, Miss Free zone 2012, Miss Montpelier 2006, and a successful commercial, runway, and lifestyle model who has graced the international stage and runways in New York City, Salzburg Austria, Poland, Slovak Republic, Miami, Atlanta and the Caribbean.

Nicole is a philanthropist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, hospitality expert, pageant coach, and an ambassador for the nonprofit organization Shashamane Sunrise. She has over 10 years experience in the modeling industry and through her successes in the model and beauty arena, she decided to give back to young women and founded “The Crown Consultancy”.  Through her philanthropic efforts, Nicole has imparted her knowledge to young women by providing training and grooming in pageantry, etiquette, speech, interviews, runway, building self-confidence, preparing young women for the world of pageantry and to build on their self-image and confidence. After her many successes she later went and changed business name from The Crown Consultancy to Pageant Boss. The name Pageant Boss derives its origin from Nicole’s pageant training skills and successes gained from being the boss of pageantry. All the young women she trained have won their respective pageants.

All products from BEAUTY STOP by Pageant Boss, not only brings out the natural beauty of women but they also have excellent health benefits. Our products are compliant with FDA regulations and are suitable for all skin types.  All products  met U.S standards and are approved by the FDA.  All testing is in line with US and FDA standards and are guaranteed. As an animal lover Nicole abhors testing on animals and therefore our products are unique in so many ways. Our eye shadow palettes are one for the culture and are definitely designed for Jamaican terms and are fully inclusive. By design, the colours are vibrant and rich, highly pigmented. 

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BEAUTY STOP by Pageant Boss is Jamaican Makeup Line for Women of Colour. Our Products are cruelty free and FDA Approved.

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